Thursday, May 04, 2006

Why Rasta can burn weed but a good white is denied bail?

This is why dutty stinkin Jamaica can't get anywhere. This disgust me.

A very good white man who is " a respected botanist who has lived in Jamaica for more than 50 years. Considered an authority on this country's flora, he was also a consultant in the Science Department at the Institute of Jamaica" has been denied bail again.

Instead of locking up the Rasta's who smoke ganja and smell like old sausages, the Jamaican government prefer to lock up a respected doctor of botany even though hes 86 , has lived in Jamaica for 50 years, has no criminal record and have 5 nice white children.

What about innocent before proven guilty? Why they give bail to gunman and petty teef but not this good white man who never hurt a fly in his life?

How Jamaica fi progress if we lock up the good whites?

Shame on the police and the court for this injustice. Its reverse racism and it stink.


Below: Three pretty white daughters of detained botanist George Proctor ice skating in Canada. The children say that their mother is already dead.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, it's great hating them whites, until we need to aks them for some more money coz we let our good black leaders snort all ours up while we stood around and drank red stripe...

then it's time to play the racism card or talk about unfortunate we are..until we can get pay and go back to saying fuggem, we don't need 'em...

yep, the good whites are like insurance...
you don't need it....until you need it....

4:43 AM  
Anonymous Jampatriat from Mobay said...

A Wa dem do? It na mek sens. Im prabably doan av nuff money fa de pay off. Wi mus nat let dis appen. Canada peeples may nat come ya if dis a gwaan.

1:02 PM  
Anonymous Dr. Elidimeyer said...

Thus another example of us chasing away our white saviours. Hati has no caucasions and look at the terrible state they have put themselves in. I certainly hope our country is not heading in that direction. We need the caucasion influence and citizenry in Jamaica if we are to survive!

1:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel the vibe here, I know where it comes from... but INI do not see the point in spreading negativity and hate. Pon gettin in fight, Mama told me it nuh matter what the other man do, just what I do... We all control our own destiny.

3:38 AM  

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