Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Nice German man buy Jamaican girl KFC and she marries him!

I LOVE the Germans. They are such nice white people and when they come to Jamaica tghey always bring chocolates and talk about a big forest they have over there.

Yes they killed lots of Jew but they are sorry.

German love Jamaica too and they are always here on the beach and have an entire town for themselves called SEAFORT. Over there you can see the pretty German people utside drinking Red Stripe.

Jamaica needs more Germans because they do things right the first time and are not late like lazy Jamaicans dem.

This morning I read the Jamaica Gleaner ( which is owned by good whites ) and I see that a German man buy a pretty Jamaican girl some KFC and she fall in love with him and married to him.

This should show all German that it is easy to get a wife in Jamaica if you buy them some KFC.

Here is the story: http://www.jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20060502/life/life1.html

"On Wednesday, I was walking in May Pen and someone said hi, but I didn't recognise her."

"On Friday, I was on my way to the bank when somebody said, "Hi, good morning,"; it was her. I asked her to wait for me and we had breakfast at Kentucky Fried Chicken. I then invited her to the beach and we spent the weekend on the North Coast. We came back the following Wednesday and I left the island on Thursday. I called her on the Friday and told her how much I missed her and invited her to Germany. She agreed and arrived in Germany the following Monday. Four months later we were married."

"I couldn't go back to a white lady. They are not attractive (to me) anymore. Black women have nice buttocks and nice shapes. They are happier and once they smile, they really smile. I've decided to stay in Jamaica and not go back to Germany."

"Colour is not important to me. But if I have a choice to have sexual relations with black women versus another woman, I would choose black because they enjoy it more they are more fun.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did she get deset with that?

6:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He could go for an old-fashioned head-splitting, that kraut son-of-a-bitch could. That always sends them home.

3:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

......yeh KFC is a better place; i catch Herpes from that dutty gyal inna the Island Grill. Thank you White Colonel Sanders for STD free establishments.

5:43 PM  
Anonymous a next german said...

wow, and I had to buy all these clothes and shoes, not to mention the money through Western Union, for her sister "who need fi go a hospital"...

5:06 AM  
Anonymous Rahowa said...

jeez, how much more expensive can it get? no dumplings and saltfish around :P

10:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doan fagit de nice rasta cak fa de prety white girls. We pramise dem will fine ya bady dis time!

9:15 AM  
Blogger Rasta Chucky said...

Mi an mi fren dem ave some serious big bamboo to share with de nice white men and women fi de rite price! No pickney doa. Mi ave a likkle place in Tivoli dem can stey. Mi dos fix de front door so hit can lak.

9:32 AM  
Anonymous tree eight rasta said...

I man neva did no dat mi can buy cho cho wit chicken. Mus it be KFC? Wat bout Burga king? Mi wud tink King Burga evan betta wit a combo meel me mus git 2 cho chos! Wait! mi no now...white meat chicken mus be de way it work!

10:32 AM  
Anonymous Miss Milo said...

We welcome all de nice german man! Come to Jamaica and tase mi cho cho and akee. Yu will neva go back! It sweet yu no! I like milk in mi Milo.

12:46 PM  
Anonymous The man you hate... said...

I find it kind of sad sometimes when someone cannot take a compliment. There is no way that a white man could say anything to compliment a Jamaican. When I was in Japan, they found it EXTREMELY complimentary when someone knew the slightest thing about their culture or language, even if it was a bit off... and we even dropped an atomic bomb on them! This guy has been with this woman for 11years and they are obviously happy and he, like myself, must really love Jamaica. The problem is when someone tries to get close and things could actually get better, that person is made to be a fool. hmmm, who is the fool?

3:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

big ups to you i love to see mixed couples especially white men with black woman. a white man needs a little spice in his life too.... na true??? we are all created =, we are ALL gods children there is only 1 race in this world THE HUMAN RACE. I am a nice white lady and I also love jamaicans. I am in love with a man from Trelawny and I will never date a white man again. nothing against white men its just that opposites attract big ups to all open minded people

12:08 PM  

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