Sunday, May 07, 2006

God Bless Yahoo! and Kevin Sites


Oh thank God for good whites like Kevin Sites--a nice white man with sandals and long hair and expensive cameras given to him by YAHOO!

Today I went on his site and he had a video-story about Haitians eating dirt pies which was very informative.

Kevin writes : I've heard so much about this island nation awash in voodoo and grinding poverty, but I've never set foot on its soil. These are the circumstances - leaving your comfort zone - when you begin to question your abilities to tell the story of a people and a nation. Can you, "le blanc" (white man), do it justice?[ I] discovered only when you engage; when you walk where they walk, eat what they eat, see their world from where they see it, try for a moment to see how they live."

You see? Kevin really cares about us blacks.

Other videos on his site show Somalians picking through garbage.

I think sites by good white reporters like Kevin are very educational and do not seem like racist frat boy episodes of JACKASS at all (that show white people eating each others spit and shit for fun) .

With all the problems affecting blacks all over the world, it is good that Kevin chooses to show the lighter side--like Haitians eating dirt pies.

Also Kevin does not look like he is a homosexual who buys underage prostitutes for just pennies.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Why Rasta can burn weed but a good white is denied bail?

This is why dutty stinkin Jamaica can't get anywhere. This disgust me.

A very good white man who is " a respected botanist who has lived in Jamaica for more than 50 years. Considered an authority on this country's flora, he was also a consultant in the Science Department at the Institute of Jamaica" has been denied bail again.

Instead of locking up the Rasta's who smoke ganja and smell like old sausages, the Jamaican government prefer to lock up a respected doctor of botany even though hes 86 , has lived in Jamaica for 50 years, has no criminal record and have 5 nice white children.

What about innocent before proven guilty? Why they give bail to gunman and petty teef but not this good white man who never hurt a fly in his life?

How Jamaica fi progress if we lock up the good whites?

Shame on the police and the court for this injustice. Its reverse racism and it stink.


Below: Three pretty white daughters of detained botanist George Proctor ice skating in Canada. The children say that their mother is already dead.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Nice German man buy Jamaican girl KFC and she marries him!

I LOVE the Germans. They are such nice white people and when they come to Jamaica tghey always bring chocolates and talk about a big forest they have over there.

Yes they killed lots of Jew but they are sorry.

German love Jamaica too and they are always here on the beach and have an entire town for themselves called SEAFORT. Over there you can see the pretty German people utside drinking Red Stripe.

Jamaica needs more Germans because they do things right the first time and are not late like lazy Jamaicans dem.

This morning I read the Jamaica Gleaner ( which is owned by good whites ) and I see that a German man buy a pretty Jamaican girl some KFC and she fall in love with him and married to him.

This should show all German that it is easy to get a wife in Jamaica if you buy them some KFC.

Here is the story:

"On Wednesday, I was walking in May Pen and someone said hi, but I didn't recognise her."

"On Friday, I was on my way to the bank when somebody said, "Hi, good morning,"; it was her. I asked her to wait for me and we had breakfast at Kentucky Fried Chicken. I then invited her to the beach and we spent the weekend on the North Coast. We came back the following Wednesday and I left the island on Thursday. I called her on the Friday and told her how much I missed her and invited her to Germany. She agreed and arrived in Germany the following Monday. Four months later we were married."

"I couldn't go back to a white lady. They are not attractive (to me) anymore. Black women have nice buttocks and nice shapes. They are happier and once they smile, they really smile. I've decided to stay in Jamaica and not go back to Germany."

"Colour is not important to me. But if I have a choice to have sexual relations with black women versus another woman, I would choose black because they enjoy it more they are more fun.


Monday, May 01, 2006

Whites get married here

This is a message to all the good whites.

All the bad people are in Kingston and Montego Bay but if they come to negril (where many whites come) the police will shoot them for you.

Jamaica is a good place to get married. There are plenty of nice beach here and things to buy.

Look at these two whites in negril how hapy they are.

God bless the Canadian White people

Look how this woman love Jamaica so much that she take up this starving dog and fly it back to Canada and name it Marley.

The woman name is Lesley Ferrier.

Ferrier said she met Marley, a name she chose to reflect his Jamaican roots, after four of her friends with whom she was vacationing in Jamaica saw the animal wandering on the beach one night and told her. "The next night the rest of us went down and saw him," she recalled. "After that we brought him food and water every night."

See this is why I love white people because there is so much love in them.


God Bless the Whites

I am tired of people saying racist things about the good white people when its those same whites who come to Jamaica and do so much good things. Jamaican people are a wicked set of brutes and thats why the country is like this with crimes and the killing.

This blog is to show the good white people that we appreciate all they do for Jamaica AND blacks everywhere.

God bless the Whites